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The company

We have the pleasure to present you our offer which is directed mainly to the manufacturers, producers and industrial coating departures.

First, we present the rich proposal of natural and recomposed (engineered) veneers. We propose their wide range of colors and dimensions. We deliver both quantities: full pallet and retails – accessible on up to date in our store-house.
In additional - furniture edges are the indispensable supplement to veneers – stepping out in the colors of veneers modified and also most popular European natural veneers. We offer different width size and thickness of the borders from 0,6 - 2,5 mm, with glue and without glue backing in rolls about length from 50m.

However to broadcast the veneer natural the true charm

 – we propose also best quality varnishes to the wood, Italian manufacturer with long tradition of industrial coating

Nuova S.I.V.A.M. SpA,

which we are the distributor on the Polish market.

Varnishes S.I.V.A.M. this simple in use and perfectly working products, protecting great varnished surfaces. In additionally, they are characterizing short drying time, the deep transparency of the dry coat and his high resistance on damages.


They are the supplement of the offer of varnishes to the wood:


  •   professional products to varnishing the metals, the wide scale of anticorrosive ground beams and colorful surfaces.
  • and products designed to artificial materials such especially as ABS or PST - used in the shoe production, and also near the production of the units of the equipment of RTV.


We invite to acquainting ourselves with more detailed information about offered products, accessible in the next pages of our side, and in the case of your interest, questions or attentions to our offer, we ask for direct contact our office.